Consulting Group


We deliver rapid  Technology Enhanced Six Sigma problem solutions for business & manufacturing 

Laser Focused Strategy & Execution

Global consulting service for turn around & transformation.  Excel in providing permanent & sustainable quality process improvements beyond Lean applications.

Deliver thorough DMAIC deployment with the highest sense of urgency & in collaboration with your front line team members.  Finish with Lean Standard Work and Layered Audit SPC controls.


Non Traditional  Consulting, Uncompromising Results 

  • World Class problem solving & process improvemant at a fraction of onsite consultation service
  • Simple & effective products & services via e-commerce 
  • Customized to fit your financial & resource constraints...
  • To re-engineer outdated Lean Sigma deployment philosophy
  • Cater to business of all sizes 

Professional Coaches

From competitive cycling power meter training to Toyota Production System & Complex Business Solutions

International Services

Our advisors offer global buisness experiences.  We speak your language.

Affordable Price

From $85 initial call to affordable $150 hourly rates.  Also offer competitive daily rate without Admin cost.  See Policy

Our Bench Strengths

No Nonsense actionable root cause analysis with sustainable improvements

Coaching & Mentoring

Winning athletes do not solely rely on the best equipment.  They have passionate, relentless,  & caring coaches. 

Business Transaction Process

Often more than 50% of the wastes are in the front end.  Advanced statistical analytics is a must to unearth the true opportunities...

Manufacturing Process

We are experts in both continuous & discrete mfg processes.  We apply advance automation technology to enhance shop floor productivity.


Satisfaction Guaranteed


Years In Service


Happy Customers


# Processes Improved

Our Dedicated Services

Rest assured, our advisors are respected experts in their respective business areas.

Consumer Products

We specialized in manufacturing of home security and floor & yard care consumer products.  Global assembly platform...

Flooring, Ceiling & Cabinets

We provide enterprise support in both manufacturing and business processes.  We have a strong knowlege base...

Aerospace & Power Generation

We provide design, mfg & service support for the motor & generator industry.  For  commercial & military aerospace businesses.

Car Sharing & Rental 

We privide service & solutions in management system & business process to expanding (new energy auto rental)

Competitive Sports Coaching

We bring personal training with high tech equipment to help you get to the Finish Line (Podium) faster and more enjoyable.

Business (EBITDA  & CASH)

We help you to reduce the Admin wastes that affect your profitability & cash flow.  From product offerings to SG&A...

Go To Market Strategy

We facilitate your total value stream business functions to follow proven Toyota Production System, DFSS & QFD methods.

LeanSigma Class & Certification

We are certified Master Black Belts that can provide genuine coaching on complex statistical analysis & Lean Transformation.

Supply Chain

Advanced mateial flow & replenishment technology solutions with your team.  Include quality system & capacity models.

Our Smart Lean Sigma Training & Development Products

Offering the best People Development (Lean Sigma) training kits and M&G Design Softwares.

LeanSigma Training Kits

Proven fun & engaging training tools for facilitators, trainers and instructors.  Comes complete with manuals  & applications.

LeanSigma & CI Apps

Time saving business software apps for solving business & manufacturing problems.  Come with valuable real world case studies.

Motor & Generator Designs 

User friendly software for trouble shooting, uprate or re-engineering synchronous & industion motors. hydro & turbine generators.

Our Work & Commitment

We let our quality work and commitment to customer satisfaction be our slogan.

Happy Customer Testimonials

Helping our customers to succeed one process improvement at a time.

Dave has a reputation for  knowledge in training & racing with power meter.  I followed his plan to a 1st place finish with the faster bike split as well as 2nd faster run in my age group.  I found his custom success planning approach is very helpful and recommend to anyone looking for power training.​​​​​​​


Ironman Triathlete

I could not have survived and accomplished the time sensitive and total business & mfg operation turn around at T-town without Jimmy's guidance and uncompromising  involvement.  His ability to coach employees of all levels was amazing & rewarding.  His  high energy was contagious & sincere.

Tim Clintz

Plant Manager

I felt grateful to cooperate with itsLean Consulting team.  Based on our business needs, they provided us with total solutions, including organization planning, business forecast model design, operation system and daily management (MDI) platform. 


Jin Yong


More Testimonitals

Under Dave's depth of knowledge & power meter training approach , I exceeded my goal from struggling to stay with group to challenging for the final sprint.  My FTP is up 11% and my FRC is up 56%.  He is instrumental to my success.  I highly recommend Dave to coach you to be a faster & stronger cyclist.


Competitive Cyclist

Jimmy is a strong Sensei & mentor for my organization and was admired for his technical abilities and his soft skills.  I admire his ability to take and engage on projects that delivered superb results.  He is a world class seasoned professional that will make a strong impact to any organization or business endeavor.  

Gustavo Gutierrez


JImmy was an excellent manager who developed and mentored me in my job and my career.  He is a mastery of TPS, and Six Sigma discipline.  His great sense of humor, team spirit, unassuming style of imparting wisdom, and inspiring work ethics make him a leader whom production team as well as senior executives trust implicitly. ​​​​​​​

Cynthia James

Senior Risk Manager

IDM Group has over 35 Years of Experience in OEM and Consultation 

We are always proud to be improving the process and skillsets of the team members
We are glad to service over 988 customers since 1985.

Jimmy Chan, P.E.

CEO & Founder

Jimmy is a real professional, whom you want to trust. He cares about his clients performance results and their people.  He values diversity.

Dave Campbell

Principal Partner

Dave brings 32 years of diversified experience in operations, business, human resources, and consulting experiences

James Chen

Principal Partner

James excels in our client engagement in China.  He is a vital link to our global business vision and dynamic growth for our clients. 

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